The 9th Annual Session

Jakarta Model United Nations

1-4 August 2019
“You are here to step into the shoes of UN ambassadors — to draft resolutions, to plot strategy, to negotiate with your allies as well as your adversaries. Your goal may be to resolve a conflict, to cope with a natural disaster or to bring nations together on an issue like climate change. You may be playing a role, but you are also preparing for life. You are acting as global citizens.”
–Former Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon

"Strengthening Global Cooperation

in The Face of Isolationism"

Through this year’s theme, JMUN invites the youth to discuss the current trend of global shift into isolationism through various aspects. Delegates will strive to find ways to increase global cooperation. We chose this theme because international cooperation is at risk because of the unwillingness of states to continue cooperating on humanitarian efforts. This phenomenon is exemplified in how in the last few years some states that are acknowledged as global powers resign from international organizations and treaties due to domestic political shift and dynamics. Another issue that is still yet to be solved is that cooperation efforts lack of inclusivity and participation from non-state actors.

This theme is also inspired by Sustainable Development Goals number 17 which is Partnership for the Goals, which puts effort to enhance cooperation and global partnership to support and reach the ambitious target of the 2030 Agenda, which tries to unite governments, the international community, the private sector, and the people themselves in realizing all of the Sustainable Development Goals. Despite progress in various sectors, improvements must be made to accelerate progress. All stakeholders should refocus and further intensify their efforts in sectors which experience slow development.

With that in mind, we hope that through this year's conference we could highlight the importance of global cooperation in humanitarian efforts that not only involve governments, but also other actors such as international organizations, NGOs, and the people especially youths to discuss and found the role and actions that could be taken by the youth to improve cooperation in an increasing trend for isolationism, to find a common ground for all nations that want to ensure stability and protection from global threats for its citizens. We also hope that the youth will also be able to further understand the dynamics on the interaction of nations on the international stage, with every country in each council that is available in JMUN having different powers, mandates, and agendas.

Started in 2011, Jakarta Model United Nations (JMUN) is one of the first Model United Nations (MUN) conference held in Indonesia and continues to be the most prestigious MUN conference in Indonesia. Initiated by the Indonesian Students Association for International Studies (ISAFIS), an association for college students who are interested in foreign policy research and international studies, JMUN is an MUN conference that put forward substantive excellence inside the conference room, comprehensive learning, and an immersive experience through social events and excursions as its main values.

Jakarta MUN in Review

Universitas Bakrie

Universitas Bakrie, a university located in South Jakarta, offers a new modern yet fascinating atmosphere of college. Under the auspices of Yayasan Pendidikan Bakrie (YPB), Universitas Bakrie has a vision to be a globally recognized university through engagement with industries and experiential learning methods. There are three programs at Universitas Bakrie. The undergraduate program that consists of eleven departments, the magister management program, and the extension program. As the face of modern college in Indonesia, Universitas Bakrie is now developing a strategic located campus in the heart of the country. Moreover, the modern facilities and experiential learning methods will also bring Universitas Bakrie to be known as a global university.

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