JMUN 2021

The eleventh session of Jakarta International Model United Nations will take place on 13th - 15th of August, 2021 for the main event and 24th of July, 2021 for the pre-event. Conducted in-depth research in regards to the current pandemic, the Organizing Committee has decided to run the event online through the Zoom application.


Jakarta International Model United Nations 2021 brings the theme "Redefining the Global Megatrends: Weaving Unity and Enhancing Adaptability . As the world is racing in between resolving the ever-increasing difficulty of global challenges and improving the human condition, it is positioned in a predicament situation. We know those global challenges as the global megatrends that intersect economic, political, social, environmental, and technological dimensions. The fundamental developments include but are not limited to the shift in global power, acceleration of urbanization, technological breakthroughs, demographic change, and climate change that results in resource scarcity. Although global megatrends' impacts may differ between nations, the interconnected nature of the world requires countries to handle and adapt to the situation in unity. 


Seeing the issues mentioned above, Jakarta International MUN 2021 is back and stronger than before to emphasize the importance of resolving the heated international phenomenon in order to navigate those challenges into opportunities that eventually will develop nations and improve the quality of life. Aside from that, it is expected that through Jakarta International MUN 2021, all the delegates will be more aware of our world's unstable condition and partake in it through their critical as well as feasible solution in accordance with their assigned country's interest. Therefore, we present to the delegates eight councils with compelling and pressing topics. 


JMUN 2021 will provide nine councils divided into three levels, namely beginner, intermediate, and advanced, based on the complexity of the debate flow, with an additional press council. The classification is a way to uphold the encompassing value of JMUN 2021, which we welcome all delegates, be it a newcomer or veteran in MUN. All of our councils have different focus, such as environmental, economic, political, and social issues, to accommodate delegates' preference. 


We hope to see you in the upcoming JMUN, and should you have further inquiries, please contact us through