JMUN 2021 Story

On 13th-15th August 2021, the Indonesian Students Association for International Studies ("ISAFIS") organized the Jakarta International Model United Nations 2021 ("JMUN 2021"). JMUN is an international Model United Nations ("MUN") conference in Indonesia founded by ISAFIS in 2011.

This year, JMUN brought up the theme "Redefining the Global Megatrends: Weaving Unity and Enhancing Adaptability", based on the world changes and developments faced by people worldwide, which affect many aspects of life.


JMUN 2021 has managed to gather approximately 400 delegates and 40 observers from various countries and institutions, namely Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, India, Philippines, Netherlands, South Korea, Australia, Japan, USA, Italy, Taiwan, Thailand, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Turkey, and Qatar. 

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Before the conference, a Pre-event was made to prepare the Delegates of JMUN 2021. The event started with a Diplomatic Talk. The speakers include Asmiati Abdul Malik, S.I.P., S.Kom., M.A., Ph.D. (International Economic Management and Development Expert from Bakrie University), Adib Zaidani Abdurrohman, S.E., MDip.Trade. (First Secretary to Permanent Mission of Indonesia to the United Nations), Agustaviano Sofjan, S.Hub.Int, M.I.B. (Director for Trade, Commodity, and Intellectual Property, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia), and moderated by Dominique Virgil Tuapetel, S.H.


The event is then continued with a MUN 101 Session that is lead by Laras Thyrza Amandari, S.H. (Verbal Commendation at Harvard World MUN) and Kenneth Nicholas, S.H. (Diplomatic Commendation at Harvard National MUN). 


JMUN 2021 Finally kick off its main event on the 13th of August 2021. The opening ceremony was filled with an insightful speech from influential keynote speakers such as Satya S. Tripathi (Former Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations, Secretary-General of the Global Alliance for a Sustainable Planet), Anies Baswedan (Governor of Jakarta), and Sandiaga Uno (Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia). Abang None Jakarta Barat also did a Traditional Betawi Dance Performance and Virtual Jakarta tour to showcase the diverse culture of Jakarta on an international scale. 

The opening ceremony continued with a Panel Session with a topic of “The Implication of Investment on Social Welfare, Mitigation on Climate Change, and Global Cooperation”. This session was filled with insightful speakers such as Dr. Vivi Yulaswati, MSc. (Expert Staff of the Minister of National Development Planning for Social Affairs and Poverty Reduction of the Republic of Indonesia), Dr. Venkatachalam Anbumozhi (Director of Research Strategy and Innovations at the Economic Research Institute for Asia), H.E. Armando G. Álvarez (Ambassador of Mexico to Indonesia) and moderated by Cut Jihan Shavira (G20 Cooperation Substance Officer at Ministry of National Development Planning).

After the opening ceremony, the competition starts with the delegates going to their respective council to do their committee session. The discussion was diverse, and the ideas exchanged were eye-opening. One of the reasons was that JMUN 2021 had diverse & unique councils: ECOFIN, UNICEF, UN-Habitat, UNHRC, UNSC, SPECPOL, ICAO, UNCA, and CRISIS that covered various topics related to the Global Megatrends. 

A Closing Ceremony was then held to end the competition. Nadiem Makarim's (Minister of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia) speech opened the ceremony, followed by an NPO Sharing session by Selphine Jeanita, B. Ed. MA (Board Trustee Most and Beyond). Right after that, the Awarding Session, which was one of the most waited of the night, was then held with full excitement by all the delegates.


From this event, participants have successfully carried out the competition by debating and having discussions that can hone their diplomacy and negotiation skills while expanding knowledge regarding Jakarta's culture. Furthermore, as an international MUN conference, JMUN has succeeded in becoming a platform for the participants to network with other participants from various countries.


Although JMUN 2021 was held online, the event is considered very successful in meeting the objectives of the event and the participants' expectations. "In running an event, we will always be oriented to the objectives of the event. Regarding JMUN 2021, our objectives are to provide opportunities for young people to exchange ideas critically and introduce the culture of Jakarta. Based on the event, which consists of the pre-event and main event, I personally can conclude that JMUN 2021 has succeeded in meeting our objectives," said Ghina Raihanah, as the Secretary-General of JMUN 2021.


In addition, JMUN 2021 also initiated the JMUN Scholarship, a platform that serves as a free slot for selected individuals who have a high desire to learn more about world issues. Isyifina Ziyantifan, one of the winners of the JMUN Scholarship, stated a few words regarding the JMUN Scholarship and JMUN 2021, "The whole event was extraordinary! JMUN 2021 is my first ever MUN competition. JMUN Scholarship has helped me to get to know many great and dedicated people, such as Ghina, Quinta, Tasya, Prily, and Derek. They helped me throughout the competition preparations by providing me with substantial materials. JMUN 2021 made me realize that MUN is fun and not as difficult as I thought. Even though I did not get any award, I managed to get out of my comfort zone while also learning how to control my fear, mindset, and feeling of inferiority. Thank you, JMUN 2021!"


Of course, JMUN 2021 wouldn't be able to run successfully without the help of our Partners. All of the Committee would like to thank Universitas Bakrie as our Main partner, L'Oreal Indonesia and Inaco as our Sponsors, and all of the other community and media partners.