Battle of Venezuela: Political Interests

Divided Nations

Sholihah Rahmatunnisa Utami / British Broadcasting Company

This evening, The United Nations Security Council (UNSC), discussing the Venezuela crisis, was divided into countries wanting to do re-election, and countries siding with the current government.

Venezuela is currently a living hell, a place where complex problems knitted, resulting in a multidimensional crisis.

Political crisis is among them. The fall of oil prices accompanied by economic mismanagement caused hyperinflation within the country. People blame the government, riots are everywhere, threatening the political stability.

Many wanted Venezuelan President Nicólas Maduro to be replaced, but the ones who want him to stay in power are no less either. This saying goes international as well, in this case the UNSC members.

The council was debating about the re-election, as the latest election was deemed to be “illegitimate” by some countries. Research says the actual voters at the second term election of Mr. Maduro doesn’t even reach half of the number suggested by the government’s statement.

Among the countries are the United States of America (USA) and its allies. The Delegation of USA and allies, observing the worsening condition of Venezuelans and blaming the government for the situation as well, have been siding with government’s opposition party, the National Assembly.

The mentioned countries are the ones proposing re-election, replacing the current authorities with the new ones. They see this as a direct and effective attempt to fix the crisis in Venezuela.

Unfortunately, the same doesn’t go with the perspective of the Delegations of Russia and China.

In short, any political intervention involving re-election could be seen as an attempt of breaching government’s sovereignty, therefore other approaches such as mediation and peace talks should be considered and prioritized.

Seeing the already-high rising tension, we can’t say for sure if the approach will be efficient. However, it is worth mentioning that humanity is at stake, for there’s a high number of people killed as well as humanitarian law’s violations.

The US and allies seem to approve the peace talk, albeit still prioritizing re-election. We hope to see progress towards agreement and real, feasible solutions toward the Venezuelan crisis soon.