Minorities and Civil Rights,

Definitions without Solutions?

Mayang Lestari/REUTERS

Equality for minorities, can it be achieved?

Defining a minority in the enforcement of civil rights in UNHRC is biased towards each country's interest in the committee session. This difference in interest makes the debate progress not reach the civil rights themselves.

"The definition of minority must be mutually agreed upon so that the applicable law to regulate it is also clear and orderly," the delegate of Germany said.

From differences in religion, race, ethnicity, to sexual orientation, included in the explanation of the definition of each country without making significant progress.

The Delegate of China offers a civil rights enforcement mechanism for minorities, especially with the notorious Uighur Muslim problem.

"Our mechanism is through education. Civil rights enforcement starts with education and our mechanism is that the minority is actually placed in a special minority education camp, namely formal education and soft skill education so as not to lose out to a developing society," said Delegate of China counteracting bad news about minorities in his country and offered discussion of the mechanism in this meeting.

State interests that are too prominent make the council move in place. The formation of groups was slow and each country had to be made aware of the expected results of this council. Compared with the definition of minority, the process of upholding their rights should be the focus. The next committee session is expected to be more progressive and substantial in its delivery.