World Bank’s Thirsty on Protection Programs

By: Clara Laurence/Cable News Network

Pay to those who need it. The World Bank has continuously played its vital role in ensuring that each country has sufficient cash to fund social protection programs that have been ongoing in their country. The committee session of the World Bank mainly focuses on the widespread priority sector that needs to be addressed in Social Protection Programs.


Loans, the only light that shines out of the blackhole. Without this, there will never be any social protection programs in the first place. Netherlands agreed that a certain amount of loan should be handed to those who are able to repay these loans, or else it would just be a lost all in all. In order to effectively utilize this loan, member states must cooperate with different body such as the EU to eradicate poverty as a whole.


Priorities need to be set. United States of America addressed that money should land on those who would make the most out of it: increase productivity of labor. Social insurance, too have equal importance in the society, as it ensures children with a bright future filled with rainbows, far away from child labor. Now, those member nations who cannot afford general public services should be given access to social protection programs, to prevent low life expectancy and low HDI. This is where social influence will come in handy in maintaining the economic activity.


As for health care, it is said as the stepping stone in exceeding poverty. A good standard in improving the labor productivity comes from a healthy workforce. Uganda suffered to walk for miles on their barefoot just to achieve health care services, which are not ensured to give them any further benefits. One word: empowerment. Through this, countries such as the Netherlands would gain power to overcome various challenges, especially in tackling different needs between areas. Therefore, it is of high importance to invest in human capital in certain areas, as well as education to give a full-speed boost on the economic growth.


In order to eradicate poverty, basic health care and nutrition must be the leading key to unlock those cold-hearted nations locked inside an unwanted chamber. After this is unleashed, then education is next on the speaker’s list, which in turn establishes sustainable jobs for the people. Millennials are the generation of the country. Labor force is capable of busting down those doors open and escape the poverty trap.