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Severe starvation and health insecurities suffered by millions of Venezuelan people after the failure of peace talks in Norway on 2nd July 2019, with the opposition parties and the Norwegian Government. During the peace talks, Maduro strongly said "We reject to have another free election, this is a cruel intention made by US and France to topple down our sovereign country!"

President Maduro chose to become a president and hold on to the power than to end the insecurities of their people even felt attacked by US and France for suggesting to conduct another free election and said it was an attempted coup against him. The United States and European Union tried to negotiate with Maduro to give humanitarian aid towards Venezuelan people, but always refuse and accuse the United States having another intention instead of helping the people and left millions suffering from starvation and health insecurities.

The United States and European Union had to use offensive ways to save the Venezuelan people, a political and economic blockade was necessary to make Maduro realize that his country are suffocated from debts without helps from the international bodies. But in return, Maduro chose to intensify his military exercise and the Russian Army was seen present in Caracas, Venezuela. While this military tension rise, soon the number of victims from starvation and health insecurities will be doubled if Maduro did not face this reality.