Failure to Develop The National Guidelines, The President of Indonesia is Disappointed


Tense discussion about the irrelevance of the National Guidelines has led the President of Indonesia to dissatisfaction towards the newly formed cabinet.

In line with the violence outbreak due to the public's frustration over Indonesia's economic recession and the brutality of the ABRI officials, numerous key factors might worsen the situation. However, these factors were not able to be addressed due to contrasting ideas.

The President of Indonesia believes that the ministries are too focused on their interests rather than understanding the status quo and compromise with each other to seek the best solution.

“Increase in unity”, said the Coordinating Minister of Politics and Security, Feisal Tanjung during an interview.

Unity is indeed the key factor to solve this issue, in response to the diversity of opinions and the lack of information given to the public. The Minister of Information gives his comments that civilians have been uninformed and easily manipulated by information revolving around the President and the cabinet.

Progression has been slow and there were conflicts of interest that the cabinet could not address. In addition to his comment, he said that the trust between the civilians and the government should be developed.

In the end, the cabinet failed to submit the National Guidelines to the President of Indonesia, Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie.