Revamping Rural Areas with the UNDP

By: Agnes Isabelle / AL-JAZEERA

The schematics and details in how to fund for a more modern world

Delegates representing the world’s countries gathered this momentous day to have another crack at coming up with feasible methods as to how to effectively, and more importantly, realistically put the motion of modernizing the rural areas. What with it being 2019, and over 4.33 billion active internet users on the earth as of July 2019, and with the world rapidly changing and developing into a newer technological phase, it is important that all aspects of a nation be well connected to what is already a very advance network of information and technology.

Hence, we could clearly see after each delegate would give their piece in the moderated caucus, that it wasn’t quite an issue of should they modernize rural areas, as much as it is how they could modernize the still very large amounts of rural areas present, and how best to conform that method or procedure to fit with their current situation in their respective countries. The current countries in attendance for this UNDP session definitely exceeded then ten mark limit, which meant that these very diverse set of countries, each with their own geography, and individual setbacks and problems would have to agree on one basis, or procedure on how to modernize these rural areas.

Moreover, it seems as if the delegates have agreed to go for a more economic approach at this problem, when the moderated caucus motion of Financial Mechanisms and Inclusivity was passed. Countries like Nigeria, Australia, and China all seem to have similar angles and perspectives. They presented the notion that the best way to integrate the populace in these rural areas is to employ them, to conduct more business ventures into these areas, tax cuts for agricultural income and imports, and have big international company chains include them as the targeted demographic more.

Many current developed countries experience sudden booms of exponential economic growth, be it due to natural resources like oil or coal, through strategic geographic location, or even through war. However, now with a massive population steadily increasing each day, depleting resources, and a world that’s hurtling forwards towards advancements in nothing short but breakneck speeds, just how exactly are we going to keep up?