Single Delegate

The Indonesian Cabinet crisis council simulates the daily affairs of government done by the ministers in the cabinet of the Republic of Indonesia. Each minister will have their own set of duties, functions and authorities, which they will utilize in order to overcome the challenges and issues experienced by Indonesia, navigating through different vested interests and an intricate political landscape.

The Archipelago Alight: The First Steps of Indonesia's Liberal Democracy

The dissolution of the United States of Indonesia brought upon a new era to the Nusantara Archipelago. Entering the 1950's, the young country faces many challenges. Following the occupation period by the Japanese and the Dutch, the economy is in a dire need of reforms. Inflation is at an all time high, there is little to no industry to speak of, and many still live in poverty - a far cry from the welfare promised by independence. Uncertainty looms as groups are forming to oppose the government, dissatisfied with the current system and wanting to create an alternative form of governance. By taking the roles of ministers and other important figures in the first Ali Sastroamidjojo cabinet, delegates will take the primary role in shaping the destiny of Indonesia. Will the country be able to survive in this tumultuous times, or will the burden of independence be too difficult to bear?