Single Delegate

Acting as the General Assembly's second committee, the Economic and Financial Committee deals with specific issues on global finance and economic affairs. ECOFIN examines 11 thematic clusters from macroeconomic policies to sustainable development. Working along with its five main bodies, ECOFIN has two main stages of a working method in assuring the debates' quality, the decisions' impact, and streamlining their program.

Integration of E-Commerce and Digital Financing for Sustainable Economic Growth

As technology continuously expands, stakeholders have found an increase in the digitization of products, services, and capital exchange. Member states, businesses, and individuals alike are pushed to adapt to the current situation in order to maximize benefits from the opportunity. However, this opportunity can be unsustainable and unobtainable without proper regulations and surveillance. Thus, the Economic and Financial Committee will be tasked to solve the issue at hand. Delegates will have to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of e-commerce and digital financing as well as the obstacles they may face in creating a viable solution.