Single Delegate

As an inter-governmental body within the United Nations, the United Nations Human Rights Council has missions for strengthening the promotion and protection of human rights. With its 47 members, the United Nations Human Rights Council has the mandate to discuss all thematic human rights issues and eventually craft recommendations to ensure all rights within this world are valued equally, although we have a culturally diverse world.

Freedom of Speech in Social Media

Freedom of speech is a concept that believes in the rights of individuals to voice their concerns and opinions publicly without the fear of censorship or even punishment. Freedom of speech in social media indicates freedom of communication and expression through various platforms where an individual can obtain and send information freely online. However, these days misinformation and even hate speech that circulate in social media abound, causing discomfort and harm. Therefore, it is important for the council to resolve this question: to what extent should nations let social media users voice their opinions freely?