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Fight or Flight: The Efforts to Preserve The Aviation Industry During the New Normal Era

by ROLLAND VAN HELDEN | 15 August 2021, 10:45 WIB | REUTERS | ICAO

ICAO COUNCIL, Aug 14 (Reuters) - In a joint interview with a journalist from CNN, interviewing the delegate of the Russian Federation has given us a new look into his point of view.

The previous opposing bloc leader, the delegate of the United Kingdom, has admitted to the Greek tragedy tale of her now fallen bloc. Following the departure of the delegate of Switzerland, the UK delegate has withdrawn herself from further questioning and interview and is nowhere to be found in the following committee session.

We asked the Russian delegate about his experiences with the council and he expressed that he felt the committee would go nowhere if the masses did not start discussing the mechanization of his proposed motions. “We should be discussing the liberalization of aircrafts, overflight fees, slot regulations, and taxation,” said the delegate of the Russian federation.

“I think it’s because there is interest between some of the states to push for their vaccine diplomacy, so they overlook the more aviation heavy measures” continued the delegate of Russia.

The delegate of Russia plans to sway the house to his way by bringing up more motions and is very flexible with his working paper but expresses that “The other delegates aren’t too interested.” He later then focused on passenger safety.

Eventually the light at the end of the tunnel arrives and the council is moved by his motions and indeed starts to mix in both passenger safety and the mechanization of trying to keep the aviation industry up and running.

The delegate of Brazil has given her perspective along with a myriad of other countries that stepped up to take the wheel along with the delegate of Russia and the US, with a clash going on amidst the caucus.

The US has brought up grants for the aviation industries and related companies to which the Brazilian delegate has tackled back by expressing her concerns over the possibility of monopolization in the aviation industry.

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