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Flaws With Hastening The Digital Era: Clash, and Ignorance

by ROLLAND VAN HELDEN | 14 August 2021, 17:16 WIB | REUTERS | ECOFIN

ECOFIN COUNCIL, Aug 14 (Reuters) - Following the theme of parroting what every delegate says at the ECOFIN council today, not many speeches stood out and barely any creative solutions to answer the problems these delegates have acknowledge.

The clashing ideas and solutions make themselves more visible today. However, at the same time, the lack of awareness to the stakeholders and affected parties outside of “War-torn countries” is very rampant in their speeches.

The delegate of the USA reached out to the council to help war-torn countries but was unable to see things from the point of view of the underdeveloped and war-torn countries. The delegate of the USA showed this by calling out countries to focus on educating the masses about digital literacy, to which the delegates of Thailand and Nepal have rebutted. “The delegate of the USA fails to see our point of view,” says the delegate of Nepal.

Meanwhile, the delegate of Thailand was the first to tackle the delegates of western countries on infrastructure development. “The path to creating a more sustainable economy in war-torn and unstable countries, such as Afghanistan and Libya can only be achieved when the necessary industrial sectors are available (i.e. energy, waste management, logistics, and internet). Only when the necessary infrastructures are in place and/or being built can there be a space to grow E-commerce and Digital Financing, as well as improve IT literacy,” answered the delegate of Thailand in a conducted interview.

During her GSL speech, the delegate of the USA said that underdeveloped and war-torn countries should “reach independence first” in her attempt to bring a solution.

“We believe if the country is still experiencing war, they can’t really prioritize economic growth, especially E-commerce, since it will be more complicated to conduct. So what we have stated, they have to reach an agreement of independence and then we can help them. As one of the P5 countries in the UNSC, which is a legally binding council, we are trying our best to help them. However, we need to do further research first.” Said the USA delegate.

With what the USA expressed earlier, the delegate in question failed to see that independence would be the harder option for countries with the lack of technological capacity. Without help, paving the road to independence using building economic power through E-commerce to pay off losses and compete globally is unrealistic for any country.

The delegate of Estonia has introduced a rather “fresh”solution to solve the current problem around IT illiteracy in underdeveloped and war-torn countries by launching “A free digital literacy demonstration zoom meeting”. She continued with, “Regarding the point of view on education and economy. It shall be displayed on ‘huge screens’ so people would be able to see from afar for social distancing”.

Reporting by: Rolland Van Helden

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