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India & China Demand No External Intervention


By Christine Pung

14 August 2021, 5:56 PM

The committee session in the United Nations Security Council was faced with an extreme lack of consensus among the delegates.

The delegate of Estonia sought clarifications from the delegate of India regarding their circumstances as he claimed that India did not sufficiently provide the current situation in the country.

In response, delegates of India declared that they were associated with the US bloc, Bhutan bloc, or the Russian bloc. They have decided to collaborate with France instead.

The delegates of Bhutan were seen to be dominating the council as they stood strong with their neutral position in resolving the Sino-Indian border issue. The delegates of Estonia supported this as they want to make sure that China and India have a wider range of options in mitigating the situation.

China has firmly established that there should be no peacekeepers and other external bodies to be involved. The delegates of China agreed with the demilitarization area to be extended as proposed by the delegate of Bhutan.

“We don’t want any intervention by any external bodies”, said the delegate of China during an unmoderated caucus.

The delegates of India reiterated several stances. Similarly, they don’t want any external intervention. But they do agree with the implementation of active surveillance systems for the sake of further identification and investigation for alleged breach and violation towards established or future treaties.

Later, a total of five working papers were introduced to the council.

The most significant solution presented by the India bloc is the implementation of SIMBA, which stands for the Sino-Indian Modified Border Agreement as a short-term effort to make a more effective discussion. China and India would negotiate the contents of the agreement bilaterally without any outside interference under this mechanism.

On the other hand, the China bloc has proposed the usage of the Working Mechanism for Consultation and Coordination(WMCC) on India-China Border Affairs for all talks in regards to consultation and coordination between the two parties.

“Assumption, Assumption, Assumption!” said the delegate of the Russian Federation in response to the delegate of the United Kingdom.

The council was in constantly heated debates among delegates as each of them could not come to a mutuality. Furthermore, the council was disrupted by the un-diplomatic behaviors of several delegates.

Sino-Indian Border issue will dwell longer if the delegations in UNSC refuse to congregate and reach common grounds.

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