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Is SPECPOL Trying to Change the Law?

by NAJYA ASSEGAF | 15 August 2021, 11:25 WIB | AL JAZEERA | SPECPOL

The SPECPOL committee discussing maritime piracy in the Middle East and North Africa is currently writing their Working Paper. Contrary to the mandate of SPECPOL, some of the blocs are trying to meddle with the legal systems of different nations.

James Bays

Al Jazeera

14th of August, 2021

Currently, we are midway through the second day of the SPECPOL conference, the 3rd committee session was just suspended. The working paper is due in just a few hours and there are three blocs at the moment, and it seems that some of them are trying to interfere with the state laws.

During an unmoderated caucus, one of the blocs discussed empowering the states’ legal system in coordination with the issues of pirating in the gulfs, more so making sure the pirates get sentenced appropriately to what they did depending on the nation’s laws. Contrary to that, the delegate of Qatar brought up a point revolving around the fact that SPECPOL’s purpose is not to mandate legally but maintain and regain peace at times of trouble.

The delegate of Qatar made a written statement to Al Jazeera, stating, “SPECPOL is a peacemaking assembly that maintains the serenity and peace within areas, we don’t tamper with laws, but we enforce cooperation and protect the innocent”.

On top of that, the delegate of Qatar has instead suggested within the bloc that instead of tampering with laws or jurisdictions, the committee should focus on preventative methods. Finding out where these pirates are going to handle or prevent the attacks as best as possible. The delegate of Qatar also suggests focusing solutions on providing humanitarian aid for seafarers, their families, and those at risk.

The committee then extended the unmoderated caucus, and the delegate of Qatar lead the discussion of boundaries towards solutions for the working paper, which included the whole committee. They concluded that the solutions should not change meddle with the law and that the committee highly favors solutions that include humanitarian aid, morality boundaries, ways to handle situations like ransom attacks, and prevention of piracy.

Tune in to see whether the delegates applied those boundaries in their solutions during the upcoming committee session when they present their Working Paper.

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