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Lost and (Still Not) Found: Mutual Trust and Confidence between India and China

by Melissa Stephanie Kartjito | 14 August 2021, 17:07 WIB | Hindustan Times | UNSC

Heated debate by the delegates of UNSC reflects the escalating alarm on the Line of Actual Control (LAC)

Trust- and confidence-building measures are pivotal key in improving India and China relations. There needs to be mutual trust among the two countries, which is currently lacking. Without it, both countries find it hard to find common ground.

The discussion has been going back and forth to deescalate tension on the Line of Actual Control, but there is yet to be agreed upon.

The discussion in the United Nations Security Council opens with the delegate of Estonia’s proposal to “deescalate tension and escalate compliance” – which finds a majority agreement among the delegates.

Demilitarization and active surveillance are proposed to prevent open arms in the air and on the ground. The delegate of USA promises to support the demilitarization in the disputed areas and will only use its veto power only if a P5 country intervenes too much, especially in the issue of third-party intervention.

Peacekeeping forces are also to be stationed to keep control of the disputed borders. “Peacekeeping forces need to be deployed to the buffer zone to maintain security in the conflicting area,” says the delegate of Vietnam. As of numbers, both side have readied 50,000 troops on either side of the LAC.

The delegate of the USA proposes a buffer zone as a step to improve relations. The delegate advocates for a buffer zone, which is said to be “the boldest step … yet the most effective way to disengage and prevent conflict”. However, this pre-assume the trust and confidence are present between both countries – which is currently lacking as of now.

The session saw intense back-and-forth between the United Kingdom, Vietnam, and Russia delegates in deciding the next steps and the details they entail.

The delegate of Vietnam put forth a suggestion to build confidence-building measures through a diplomatic talk on the demarcation line. This diplomatic talk will be followed by routine evaluation for the demarcation zone to remain peaceful.

However, in contrast, the delegate of the UK argues for a joint military operation on the east, middle, and west sector of the LAC.

The delegate of China does not comment much – but the delegate of India has confirmed her agreement for the LAC to be a demilitarized zone. Member states need to work together on de-escalating tension and build trust and confidence between both countries.

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