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Russia, France, UK Serve Solutions on Mediation – None Comes into Agreement

by ADHITYA RIMBA | 15 August 2021, 10:40 WIB | TASS | UNSC

China’s and India’s troops on the Line of Actual Control (Source: NikkeiAsia)

UNSC, August 14th, 2021. Maria Khrenova/TASS/. During the 3rd and 4th session of discussion on the Sino-Indian dispute, countries have been coming up with solutions to the table. Russia, France, United Kingdom, Bhutan, and India are some of the countries that propose several solutions. However, most of the solutions are still debatable since loopholes still exist on the solutions, according to China and India.

On the discussion of the solutions, Russia proposed the Working Mechanism for Consultation and Coordination (WMCC) as a centre for talks between two parties. It is also stated that both parties should reduce the troops while continuing the bilateral discussion and preventing any movement that can provoke conflict. Russia also proposed a refreshed code of conduct abiding in the case that there would be an attack from both parties.

France also came up with the solution of SIMBA or Sino-India Modified Border Agreement as an effort to have a new, more effective agreement. The agreement is stated to create a new Line of Actual Control, deciding the areas of border, and creation of new autonomous regions.

Another solution came up from the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. The United Kingdom proposes the embarkment of the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force or UNDOF as peacekeeping troops to protect the area between China and India.

Although France and UK came up with a good solution in hand, the Russian Federation shows their regrets on the solution of France and UK. “Rather than solving, it is considered confusing”, Russia mentioned. Russia stated that the creation of SIMBA and the deployment of UNDOF is considered intervention to both parties and without the consent of India and China. Moreover, the creation of a new Line of Actual Control should also fall into both parties’ sovereignty without any interruption from any international body or countries.

Not to mention, UNDOF as peacekeeping troops is a UN peacekeeping mission tasked with maintaining the ceasefire between Israel and Syria and should not be mixed with the Sino-Indian dispute. With that being fact, their solution cannot be done in the Sino-India border conflict, Russia stated.

“Currently, the Russian Federation proposed solution is one of the best, although it still needs some talk in the Unmoderated”, stated by China. “There is absolutely no need to make a bilateral dispute become a multilateral dispute by having the UN involved. The stakes are too high and does not even guarantee a successful settlement”, stated by the Russian Federation as they do their best to help solve the problem while maintaining both parties’ sovereignty. However, the conference is still ongoing as India and China are still looking up for resolution.

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