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The Discord over Solution in the First Committee Session of UN Security Council over the Sino-Indian

by Aurelia Lysandra Wibawa | 13 August 2021, 18:51 WIB | XINHUA | UNSC

Countries agreeing to have an unmoderated caucus in the first committee session over solutions and mutual understanding

JAKARTA, Aug. 13 (Xinhua) – “They complete each other, especially economically” stated by Amanda, the delegate of France when talking about India and China as two countries who work together. Some countries have also shown their admiration towards India and China as strong countries with great cooperation in other fields, the Sino-Indian border dispute was a concern to them as it may lead to harmful side effects to India and China’s diplomacy if continued. However, some have also shown preferences in building their stances when it comes to the issue, contradicting their previous statement.

India has stronger legal claims, thus the U.S. favors India” stated by Daniel, the delegate of the U.S.A. France has also shown their support over India, proposing demilitarization of all areas of borders and SIMBA, a new agreement in which could facilitate the two countries, without no means of intervening.

India, as the main subject, believes that mutual agreement and mutual understanding could be upheld. They propose on implementing demilitarization of the LAC (Line of Actual Control), demilitarization by percentage, and minimization of third party interference as China and India has previously agreed that it is a bilateral issue. China, on the other hand, remains unfazed as they have proposed India to give back Aksai Chin as the territory is more accessible to China. China has spoken their stances since the beginning and are continuing to fight for what they believe in.

China and India have actually proposed their own stances in discussing solutions for the problem. And as they have previously mutually agreed on, bilateral meetings are what is best in finding solutions to the matter. the further discussion on other countries accepting and actually hearing China and India’s offers are important as many are still focused on other complications such as biased views, third-party involvement, international intervention, and such that are becoming irrelevant to the topic, creating a discord over solutions that should be spoken and highlighted from both China and India as the main subjects of the issue.

The second day of the UNSC conference will be continued tomorrow at August 14th 2021, where solutions and mutual understandings from other countries besides China and India should be done to actually help solve the Sino-Indian border dispute.

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