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by ALETHA HERDIMAN | 15 August 2021, 11:00 WIB | CNN | ICAO

Picture 1.1 Ongoing unmoderated caucus in the first bloc of the International Civil Aviation Organization

By Richard Roth, CNN

13:00 GMT+7, Sat August 14, 2021

United Nations (CNN)- The International Aviation Organization is currently in the process of doing their Working Paper. Previously, they have discussed mainly vaccine passports and taxes, including some discussion of the cutting cost.

Both blocs have agreed to separate in order to cover more mechanisms. The bloc of the United Kingdom’s ambassador tends to focus more on health, whereas the US's bloc wanted to have an all-rounded discussion.

“Initially, we believed that we had different perspectives and solutions regarding the implementation of digitalization. However, as we see their solution, it wasn’t elaborated enough, hence we are looking forward to possible merging of blocs,” said the US ambassador to CNN.

Following the introduction of the Working Paper, every bloc’s Working Paper are all well-elaborated. However, not every UN ambassador agrees with every bloc’s Working Paper. Working Paper 1.1 focuses on “Vaccine Passport”, while Working Paper 1.2 focuses on lots of issues, but haven’t finished with their solutions. Working Paper 1.3, however, stood out the most with it’s completed preambulatory clauses and operative clauses.

“I think they failed to elaborate on most points of discussions that they have stated in previous committee sessions and discussions. Such as clause 1 being too harsh and too quick even though their country implements a strict policy in vaccines too and other clauses lack in explanation and technicalities,” said the US ambassador to CNN regarding Working Paper 1.2.

But behind the “stood-out” Working Paper, there is an imperfection behind it. After the debate between all Working Papers in the International Civil Aviation Organization, Sweden’s ambassador left the bloc that produced Working Paper 1.2 and was led by Russia and the United Kingdom’s ambassadors.

As a result, that bloc collapsed and the United Kingdom’s ambassador left.

“I don’t know what’s my next step yet, it depends on the debate. All I can do is just show them the debates that haven’t been discussed yet, like the liberation of air travel, slot regulation, taxes, and conversion of technicalities. I have tried to bring this motion up in the previous moderated caucus. However, all of my motions failed. And they are all reluctant, they don’t want to focus on one thing and just jump between agendas. As a result, the debate is scattered,” said Russia’s ambassador to CNN.

Lady Luck seems to finally favor Russia’s ambassador in the next committee session, the proposed moderated caucus of Russia’s ambassador has finally passed. Slot regulation, proposed by Russia’s ambassador, has finally been recognized. “Slot regulation was in high demand, however, we do not have enough funds,” said Russia’s ambassador. “The main solution that we could do is to allow airlines to exchange slots. However, this solution hasn’t been implemented yet in the past,” said the US ambassador.

The International Civil Aviation Organization with the help of Russia’s ambassador willingness to point out the topics that haven’t been discussed, could finally continue to argue and discuss more topics such as the airline’s health protocols and dig deeper into the “ Questions a Resolution Must Answer (QARMA)”.

In the end, there is no country left behind.

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