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UK: We shouldn’t Leave Anyone Behind. But We Must Make A Covid Passport Mandatory for Air Travel.

by Naffisa Adyan Fekranie | 13 August 2021, 18:31 WIB | New York Times | ICAO

Worldwide are facing the same virus, but each of us is burdened by different weights. Can we handle it the same way?

A progressive discussion has been going on in the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). Delegates of the countries have been discussing the pandemic situation and vaccination rate in each country that may significantly impact the resumption of international air travel.

Each country is facing huge challenges in many sectors, including the aviation sector. The situation of the pandemic in each country is hugely different from one to another. Therefore, the ICAO should find a sustainable solution to revive the global aviation sector, whether amid the pandemic or post-pandemic.

As conveyed by the delegate of the United States, the council should create comprehensive solutions that can cover various sectors, including economic, political, and/or health itself. As the end of the pandemic is unpredictable, we should create a sustainable mechanism that can be applied in both the pandemic era and the post-pandemic era.

The delegates of Brazil and Ukraine opined that the vaccination rate should not be the only main focus to revive the aviation industry since each country faces different pandemic stages. They conveyed that ICAO needs a more comprehensive solution instead of a mandatory vaccination for air travel since they believe that almost half of the population in the world refuses to get vaccinated.

Opposing Brazil and Ukraine, Russian Federation believes that the vaccination rate is the most essential point that ICAO needs to be addressed. The delegates of the Russian Federation conveyed that the vaccination rate of a country is the basis for the policymaking process. Therefore, Russian Federation believes that the ICAO should suggest airports facilitate the vaccination for those who would like to take air travel.

Furthermore, The Russian Federation supports the delegate of the United Kingdom, who proposes a mandatory Covid Passport. The United Kingdom believes that not any single country should be left behind, yet they also believe that Covid Passport is the ultimate key towards safe border reopening.

Everyone in the council agrees that each country is burdened by different weights. Therefore, an inclusive mechanism relevant to all countries should be the key to aviation sector revival. Meanwhile, making Covid Passport mandatory for international air travel is not a solution that all countries can impose. A more inclusive solution that can potentially revive the global aviation industry will be proposed in upcoming committee sessions.

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