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UN-Habitat: Sustainability Is Not For Everyone Unless Renewable Energy Is Affordable


By Rick Gladstone

Published Aug 14, 2021

If sustainability is our ultimate destination, then affordability should be our solution. If renewable energy resources are merely for the rich, then sustainability is still far from our reach.

Renewable energy is something that the United Nations have always suggested to create a sustainable environment. Howsoever, it cannot promise a significant contribution to sustainability since most countries are hindered by the exclusivity of renewable energy research and development.

Heated debate in UN-Habitat council eventually found a moment to cool down when a motion of “Renewable Energy for Sustainable Development” was raised. Each delegate of the countries in the council agreed that affordability is a part of solutions toward sustainable housing that everyone is heading to.

While everyone agreed that renewable energy is one of the ways to sustainable future, the new question popped up: can the human rights of adequate housing wait until renewable energy is evenly provided? The answer is absolutely a no.

The easiest way to be implemented along with the development of renewable energy is to reduce the consumption of energy itself, as the delegate of Vanuatu opined. Supported by Poland and Malaysia, Vanuatu proposed that should be an action from the government that limits each country from over-consumption of energy.

In addition, the delegate of the United States conveyed that if the UN-Habitat does not want to leave anyone behind, we should prioritize the mechanism on how to lower the energy consumption by modifying the system of the housings.

Everyone is aware that sustainability, whether in general terms or housing specifically, should be taken by gradual steps. However, the delegate of the People’s Republic of China should’ve not asked an inappropriate question to the oil-producing countries about their commitment to sustainable development. We should not forget that each country is facing different challenges and situations in developing sustainability.

Sustainability is surely what everyone in the council is heading toward. But we cannot forget how each country has its own respective prioritize and burden for sustainable development.

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