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UNSC in Taking Part for the Sino-Indian Border Dispute

by Aurelia Lysandra Wibawa | 13 August 2021, 18:23 WIB | XINHUA | UNSC

The delegate of Nepal stating their stances during the First Committee Session

JAKARTA, Aug. 13 (Xinhua) -- The U.N. Security Council has opened its conference on the Sino-Indian border dispute to find resolutions that the council could offer. As UNSC has a purpose in restoring and maintaining the peace within these countries, it is expected for UNSC to take part in helping to resolve the issue.

However, the delegates from Nepal emphasized his concerns over UNSC’s intervention within this issue. “How far should UNSC take part in the issue?” asked Hafiz, the representation of Nepal during his opening statement. Other countries have also expressed their concerns over the UNSC’s role as the delegates of the Russian Federation mentioned the consent over said countries in the dispute over their consent of UNSC’s role. “UNSC shouldn’t intervene as both countries have stated on not wanting mediation from other countries,” he stated. India has also opened up on their preference over upholding bilateral approach.

Estonia stated that the dispute should be resolved bilaterally through further dialogs and forums as treaties have already been made, making new treaties does not guarantee further revolutions on the dispute. Taking advantage of previously established agreements from past treaties would be best. Though willing to collaborate with international parties, Bhutan believes that it is best to maintain solutions through diplomacy and existing border agreements that have been made before.

Though opposing opinions have been laid out, most countries stress that the dispute has been going on for a long time that international mediation should be the correct way for both countries to resolve. Countries such as France, the United Kingdom, and Vietnam expressed the importance of international intervention. However, some propose mediation only to a certain extent. France suggested a neutral third party, as mediation between two countries only hasn’t been effective. The delegate of the U.S.A also mentioned that intervention should be a lost resort instead of ultimately striking it out, believing a neutral third party would be best to supervise two countries in following the resolutions.

The three-day conference will determine the result of the dispute. Still, with the statements above, it is seen of UNSC’s role in maintaining peace within the two countries where bilateral commitments should be upheld first and taking international parties only to a certain extent.

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