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Vaccination Passport: A Bureaucratic Nightmare for Countries


ICAO, August 13th, 2021. Maria Khrenova/TASS/. The ICAO held a conference on 13th August 2021 regarding aviation industry during and post-pandemic. Russian Federation, China, Ukraine, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America are among the countries that are present at the conference. The session debated on countries’ concern on the aviation industry, status quo, and proposed solutions.

The debate started with the concerns of member states on the new normal of air transport. Brazil was concerned by the situation of domestic air traffic. “Although the vaccination rate is high, the transmission is not determined by vaccination rate” stated Brazil. However, the Russian Federation commented that vaccination rate obviously determines the risk of transmission since it is a basis for public health, hence it can reduce the rate of transmission, especially in the aviation industry.

China continued the session by raising a motion of Each Country’s Current Covid-19 Situation and Vaccination Rates, as they have succeeded in mass vaccine delivery and are close to achieving herd immunity. Despite its size, the Russian Federation has vaccinated 68 million of their citizens and reached out to every area of the country. However, not all countries are as lucky as China and Russia. Myanmar stated, “Only 3 million of our citizens has been vaccinated, and we need international cooperation on vaccines”.

The first session of the committee ended with an unmoderated caucus, where most nation states their solutions to the table. United Kingdom, Japan, and USA are among the countries who raised a solution to implement a Vaccination Passport. They believed that vaccination passports can track citizen’s status and detailed info on Covid. USA also proposed a digitalization of vaccination passports to establish a neat system for member states.

However, Russia stated that the solution proposed failed to look after people’s right to travel. In addition, it is against the WHO and ICAO that countries should not introduce the requirements of proof of vaccination for international travel. “It is considered a bureaucratic nightmare for countries and only raises a second barrier of travel”. In its worst case, countries may enforce vaccination to their citizens to travel around the world.

Instead, the Russian Federation proposed vaccination centres in airports to encourage passengers to be vaccinated. It would create a much higher vaccination rate and thus create a safer condition for passengers to travel with vaccinated people. Added with the implementation of a central database of vaccination to keep track of the unvaccinated. China supported this by the statement of promoting mass vaccination and the fact that ICAO cannot force global vaccination passports to every member state.

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