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Why The United Nations Human Rights Council Had A Slow Progress in Tackling Freedom of Speech

by ALETHA HERDIMAN | 13 August 2021, 19:23 WIB | CNN | UNHRC

13:00 PM GMT+7, Fri August 13, 2021

United Nations (CNN)- The 53 countries of the UN Human Rights Council and 10 social media companies have gathered online on 13th of August 2021 to discuss freedom of speech in social media.

The council started with a heated race for the General Speaker’s List. Every UN ambassador urges every country to discuss this problem and why social media must have strict regulations.

A country ambassador brought up the root cause of the problem in social media and was recognized by many UN ambassadors, but they however, did not elaborate what the root causes are and why they are a threat to social media.

The progress was undeniably slow, as there were not many UN ambassadors who contributed much for the flow of the debate. Their speeches were all well-written, however, there is no substance on them and they kept expressing the same concerns. If a country's ambassador mentions their solutions, most of them are limitations and restrictions, it was not elaborated further.

The UN ambassadors should try to engage with other ambassadors, while also expressing their possible solutions so that they could negotiate and reach a consensus to tackle this humanitarian issue.

The UN ambassadors also showed undiplomatic behaviour, such as speaking before waiting for the chair to click the speaker time button, did not unraised their hand after being chosen for their turn to speak, and did not consider to use the “Points” when disrupting the discussion.

“You guys are all very enthusiastic on the first day, keep it up. But do be mindful of your diplomatic behaviour as you are representing yourself as a delegate,” said the Secretary-General of the UN Human Rights.

An engagement and complex issue is very much expected for the UN Human Rights Council to tackle this issue. Good luck UN ambassadors!

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